Dissatisfied with your Job? Get “Learn to Love your Job”

Written on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 at 7:52 pm by Christiane

Currently, job satisfaction is down to a record low in the US. About 55 % of Americans are unhappy with their work, according to a recent survey by the Conference Board research group.

Are you unhappy, too?

This eWorkbook will help you to identify strategies to get a satisfying job. “Learn to Love your Job” is not just a book to read. You will get 2 in 1, an eBook and an eCourse. “Learn to Love your Job” combines information with questions and self-tests about your own experiences and attitudes. You will also learn more about strategies to improve your job situation.

After reading the eWorkbook and doing the exercises, you will have a better understanding of your needs and what you are expecting from a job – besides a good salary, of course. You will know what makes you happy at your workplace and what triggers unhappiness.

After reading the eWorkbook “Learn to Love your Job” you will be able to answer among others the following questions:

• What are the 5 most important job satisfaction factors?

• How important are good relationships with co-workers for me? Do I have a strong need for building relationships with co-workers and/or customers?

• Do I need challenges in my work more than pay and benefits?

• How important is work for me? Am I just working for the money?

• What bothers me most at my workplace? My supervisor, not receiving recognition, or the working environment….?

• How can I improve my relationship with my boss?

• What can I do to make my work more interesting?

As the last two questions demonstrate, you will also learn how to change and improve the problem areas at your workplace so that you can finally say:

 I Love my job!

Chapter Overview:

1) What exactly is job satisfaction?

2) Why does job satisfaction matter? – Your health and job satisfaction. Test yourself: How satisfied are you at your current workplace?

3) Why are you working? Learn to distinguish between motivation and satisfaction!

4) What gets you out of the bed and to work every morning? Is it just the money? Or are you someone who needs challenges? How important are achievements and making a difference? Do you need interactions with other people? Read what famous psychologists say about motivation. (Herzberg, Maslow, Discrepancy theory, McClelland)

5) Role of key elements: Leadership and leadership styles, co-workers, salary and benefits. Take a test to determine your job happiness triggers! Discover also what you dislike most about your job.

6) How to get your dream job? Strategies to improve your current workplace.

7) Make an Action Plan, and start moving toward your Dream Job.

Don’t spend one more day in a dissatisfying job!      

Would you like to know more about the eWorkbook “Learn to Love your Job”? Call me at 781 777 2791 or email me.

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