• Do you want to turn your life around ?
  • Would you love to have a stellar career?
  • Do you want a life filled with love and joy?
  • Would you like to take control of your finances?
  • Could you use more help and support while mastering a major change/crisis?
  • Would you love to find purpose and a vision for your life?

Welcome to your first step toward the life and career of your dreams. I’m Christiane Turnheim and as your Life¬†Coach,¬†I will help you with clarifying your goals, designing a plan and achieving what you want.¬† As your Life Coach, I believe in you and will be there for you every step on the way.

Together We can Turn Your Dreams Into Action!

In just a few months of life coaching my clients will get:

  • Clarification about¬†their life’s purpose, passions, beliefs, and values!
  • Tools to create¬†a vision for¬†their life!
  • Strategies to overcome thoughts and beliefs that¬†were holding them back in the past!
  • More optimism and self-confidence !
  • Understanding what matters most for them in life!
  • Renewed energy and zest for action!
  • Means to increase life satisfaction!
  • Openness to explore new possibilities!

Working with a Life Coach is about changing how you live your life.
Working with a Life Coach is about getting all the support you need to make your dreams and vision a reality.

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I offer several programs, starting from a single Core Value Session. Clients will get the most benefits, if they commit to 3 months of life coaching. This is the minimum amount of time needed for you to gain clarity about your goals, and values, design a plan how to achieve your vision and make the changes necessary, so that you will be living the life of your dreams. Read more about my Services & Fees

Life Coaching for more clarity about goals, values and vision for life!

Call me at +1 781 777 2791 or email me at Coach4u email for a complimentary Exploratory Session. Find out what my life coaching services can do for you!

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