Job Satisfaction: Value of humor and fun underestimated?

Written on Thursday, December 15th, 2011 at 5:55 pm by Christiane

This week one of the topics in my psychology college classes was again Job Satisfaction. As always, I asked my students what  based on their work experience the most important aspects are for being happy at work. The top job satisfaction factors always are money/salary , good relationship with co-workers and supervisors, meaningul work, promotions and opportunities to learn and having fun at work.

When I’m reading research studies about job satisfaction, the aspect of fun and humor is rarely included. It seems that having fun is not given much importance by the scientific community.

Employers also are having a hard time to see how humor and fun could be good for business. Too often bosses believe that employees chatting and laughing at the water cooler are just wasting time and money. Read about the value of humor and fun:


Author: Christiane Turnheim. Christiane is Life & Career Coach at She teaches psychology at a Boston-area Community College and published the workbook “Learn to love your Job”. She can be reached at <> ;

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