10 Best and 10 Worst Jobs

Written on Tuesday, April 19th, 2011 at 4:13 pm by Christiane

It pays off to have job training in math, science or computer software engineering. According to a new job ranking by CareerCast, a job listing and research site, these professions are the best jobs in 2011 based on income, job prospect/ job security, stress level and work environment:

Top ranked is software engineer, followed in order by mathematician, actuary, statistician, computer systems analyst, meteorologist, biologist, historian, audiologist, and dental hygienist.

The worst jobs are: roustabout as the worst, followed by iron worker, lumberjack, roofer, taxi driver, EMT, welder, painter, meter reader, and construction worker.

Of course, the ranking criteria used by CareerCast are rather superficial as job satisfaction does not depend solely on salary, job stress or work environment. For most people, other factors are important too: Opportunities to learn, relationships with co-workers and management, career advancement options, feeling appreciated……

Also not considered in the ranking: individual aptitudes and personalities. For some people, software engineer may indeed be the best job ever; for others however, it may be the worst.

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  1. Cintia says:

    A article by Chris Kyle claeld quotes from the (NACE)’s “2011 Job Outlook” that business management, engineering, and technical degress including computer science are in highest demand among bachelors degrees. The article highlights the five most in-demand degrees and computer science is one of them. The average salary listed for computer scientists is a little over $100,000.

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