Negative stereotypes about getting old may shorten your lifespan

Written on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 at 7:25 pm by Christiane

Do you think that getting old is equivalent to getting forgetful, physically weak and dependent on others? If yes, think again ‚Äď in your own interest.

According to recent research, people who expressed negative stereotypes about aging when they were younger had a higher risk 30 years later to suffer from serious health and memory problems. They even lived on average 7.5 years shorter compared to those with a more positive attitude about getting old.

Scientists are of course trying to find out what is causing this link between stereotypes and health effects.

It could be that the principles of self-fulfilling prophesies are here at work. If you believe that you will lose cognitive skills like memory as you get older, you may stay away from tasks involving those skills.¬† Consequently, as the old adage goes, ‚Äúuse it or lose it‚ÄĚ you are then losing these skills.

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