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10 Best and 10 Worst Jobs

April 19th, 2011 by Christiane

It pays off to have job training in math, science or computer software engineering. According to a new job ranking by CareerCast, a job listing and research site, these professions are the best jobs in 2011 based on income, job prospect/ job security, stress level and work environment:

Top ranked is software engineer, followed in order by mathematician, actuary, statistician, computer systems analyst, meteorologist, biologist, historian, audiologist, and dental hygienist.

The worst jobs are: roustabout as the worst, followed by iron worker, lumberjack, roofer, taxi driver, EMT, welder, painter, meter reader, and construction worker.

Of course, the ranking criteria used by CareerCast are rather superficial as job satisfaction does not depend solely on salary, job stress or work environment. For most people, other factors are important too: Opportunities to learn, relationships with co-workers and management, career advancement options, feeling appreciated……

Also not considered in the ranking: individual aptitudes and personalities. For some people, software engineer may indeed be the best job ever; for others however, it may be the worst.

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Written by Christiane. She is psychologist and Life & Career coach. Contact her at <http://www.privatedaddy.com?q=eEhVM2t1TgVgBwg-2FXHd1b1VrKApKFlZRcDY-3D_19>

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Dreaming of Career Change? What is holding you back?

April 14th, 2011 by Christiane

Are you feeling stuck in your old job? Are you unhappy with your current line of work?  Then you are not alone. Many people dream about a new and more satisfying job but only a few dare to take the necessary steps.

 So, what is holding you back? Fear of the unknown? Afraid that you would have to take a pay cut? Doubt about your skills and abilities? Feeling “too old” for starting over?

It’s true, making a career change can be a scary prospect – but think of the payoff: Loving again what you do, feeling challenged, seeing purpose, helping others, having fun… In all, working in your dream job means so much more than just getting a paycheck.

It’s not an empty phrase when I say that it is never too late to make a career change. In my college classes, I have every semester a few students, who are well into middle age. They are eager to learn, inspired by their goals, and therefore are often the highest achievers in class.

If you have a strong desire for a career change, don’t allow your fears to hold you back.

Many people find it difficult to find the energy, time and information needed for a successful career change. They worry that they may make a wrong choice and waste money on expensive retraining programs.

My Career Coaching Program can help you to find the right career for you.

I will help you:

  • Identify your interests and abilities
  • Explore career alternatives
  • Find your dream job
  • Compare and evaluate education and job training options
  • Make an action plan witha  step by step guide to achieve your career goal
  • Plan your finances
  • Overcome roadblocks and obstacles that you may encounter on your way to a more satisfying new career.

 Email me to find out more:  <http://www.privatedaddy.com?q=eEhVM2t1TgVgBwg-2FXHd1b1VrKApKFlZRcDY-3D_19>

 Christiane Turnheim is psychologist and Life & Career Coach. She also teaches Psychology at a Community College in Massachusetts. Visit her website at www.coach4u.net

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Weight loss: Three square meals help to feel full

April 1st, 2011 by Christiane

Most people, who are going on a diet, hear this advice: Stop eating three big meals per day. You will lose more weight if you eat smaller meals five or six times per day.

A new study conducted at Purdue University and published in the Journal Obesity turns this idea on its head. Eating three square meals per day with higher amounts of lean protein turned out to be superior to eating smaller meals.

For the research project, 27 overweight and obese men were divided in two groups: One ate a calorie-restricted high-protein diet for 12 weeks, the other group a normal protein diet with the same amount of calories as the high protein group. Starting at week 7, both groups were again divided into a 3- meals- per- day subgroup and a 6-meals- per- day subgroup. In each condition, the total amount of calorie –intake was the same.

Results: The high protein group felt compared to the normal protein group fuller throughout the day, was less likely to calorie, calories, calorie intakeexperience late night hunger and was less obsessed with thinking about food. Within the high protein group, those who had three big meals had less late evening/ night hunger than those who had smaller meals 6 times per day.

Hence, the researchers recommend eating three high protein meals per day to achieve the individual weight loss goal.

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