Save a Buck: Find Best Price With Online Shopping Helpers

In economic difficult times like now, every buck saved is important. Comparing prices online before heading to the store is therefore a must for me.

For example, a few months ago I bought a new digital camera that was offered at $ 230 in one store and at almost $ 400 in another. In both cases, the price was for the camera body only, no extras.

Like many people, I’m not a huge fan of buying online (though I do it); I’m concerned about safety and I also like to see first with my own eyes what I’m buying. Pictures are sometimes deceiving. However, price comparing websites help me to find the right stores – and sometimes, after having seen the product in a store, I still end up buying it online.

Some of my favorite websites:
And for the best gas prices near you

If you know of another great online shopping helper, please email me the link.