Holiday gifts that don’t cost a fortune

Did you already bake cookies, and¬†made jam ? Are you out of ideas¬†what else to give during the holiday season?¬† Here a few gifts that won’t cost¬†you a fortune:

 Do you like to cook and have great recipes?

  1. You could buy a nice notebook or folder, and create a personalized recipe book for a dear friend or family member.
  2. Give a coupon for a five course dinner at your house – or
  3. Promise to cook for an event at their house.
  4. Buy ingredients for a not-your-every-day family meal and add your special recipe.

For avid gardeners:

  1. Give a coupon or gift certificate for a plant, seeds, or fruits from your garden. Add a picture, if you have.
  2. If you have seeds from last summer, purchase a pretty box or bag and fill it with seeds and planting instructions.
  3. Give your time and experience:¬†Friends or colleagues¬†without green thumb will appreciate a coupon for “garden consulting” – or
  4. Give a certificate for “spring cleaning”

Do you need a gift for a couple with young children?

  1. Give a coupon for x number of babysitting nights
  2. Invite the kids for a weekend in your house
  3. Offer your time for help with afternoon activities
  4. Organize a party for all the kids of your friends (so that they can spend some grown-up time together)

Do you have an elderly loved-one, friend or neighbor?

Give the gift of your time by giving them a coupon for help with shopping,  rides to medical appointments or a day out in the country.

Christiane is a professional life coach with private practice in Massachusetts. She specializes on helping people on realizing their goals and putting them into action.