Don’t buy without bargaining

Did you ever go to a big box store, set your eyes on a product and then tried to bargain for a better price? If not, try it next time. Chances are hight that you will save some money.

A while ago, I watched a special report on the evening news. Reporters tried to negotiate the price for TVs, refrigerators or even t-shirts. In more than half of the cases, they were successful and saved hundreds of dollars. Sometimes, the salesperson couldn’t help with the price but offered something else, like free delivery or free installation.

Right now with the sluggish economy, it’s a buyer’s market. Hence, chances are high that it will be even easier now to negotiate. Many people don’t try because they feel embarrassed or are hold back by the fear of appearing foolish. However, sellers of products like furniture or cars even expect haggling and marked their products up.

Consumer experts advise to be always polite and discreet, and not pushy. Further, it’s important to offer a price that is fair and reasonable. If your offer is too low, the salesperson will just reject it without even considering it or making a counter offer. Also, make sure that you are bargaining with a salesperson who has the authority to offer a discount. If you are not sure about that, ask for the manager.

And last but not least, don’t bargain if you are not ready to buy the product.

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