Too little sleep could make you fat

Written on Thursday, January 3rd, 2008 at 3:06 pm by Christiane

An Australian/ New Zealand study about sleep in seven year old school kids found a link between too little sleep and obesity. The 519 children in the study slept an average of 10 hours per night. Those, who got less than 9 hours of sleep, were significantly more likely than the others to be overweight or obese. They were also at a higher risk for mood swings. The study is published in the Journal Sleep. (

Another study published several months ago found a similar link between sleep duration and body weight for adults. It seems that more time being awake translates to more time spent eating.

So, for those of us with a New Year resolution to sleep more, there is a new pro argument: sleep instead of diet. Works for me!

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  1. Shivraj says:

    How i would love a sit like that in my home .and with that view!!Well ib4m following from Portugal (the hacekr )and i think your words are exactly what i feel .January was a long month. Lost of cold and rain and full of routine days. But looking for delight is making those daus Sleep; Work; eat; more speacial

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