No time for workout? A few minutes may be enough.

Written on Wednesday, March 17th, 2010 at 4:40 pm by Christiane

Do you also¬†occasionally wonder how some folks manage to go to the gym¬†three or four times per week for an hour or more?¬†I do, because with kids, house, garden and last but not least, two jobs squeezing out time for the gym¬†seems impossible. I do know, it’s recommended – still, I don’t have time for it and this is no excuse. Now, at least, I don’t need to feel guilty anymore about the little exercise I do.

A study at McMaster University in Canada has shown that doing several times per week high-intensity interval training (HIT) is as beneficial for your health as  traditional long term exercise. For the study, volunteers did three times per week ten one-minute sprints on a stationary bike with one minute rest in between. In total they got 30 minutes of exercise. The results of the study were  published in the March issue of the Journal of Physiology .

What I learned from this study is that in good conscience¬†I can¬†replace hours of endurance training, for which¬†I don’t have time in my busy life, ¬†with a few minutes of intense exercise on my stationary bike. Works for me.

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