Inspiration of the day

Written on Thursday, March 19th, 2009 at 5:09 pm by Christiane


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  1. Yana E. Yoder says:

    I woke up this morning and just needed that boost of inspiration. When I look at this image it makes me ralize how much I/we take for granted every day and this daisy was just the “proper” image to get me going this morning in a spiritual path.

    Thank you for having this available for everyone 🙂

  2. Breanna says:

    Krishna Sir, Nice to hear from you about our village.Although we are away,we awylas eagar to hear & see prosperity of Ghandruk and the Ghandruke.Thank you very much and hopeto hear from you very soon. Krishna Gurung Kot Gaon(residing in The U.K.)

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