How to be happy at work?

Written on Friday, July 9th, 2010 at 9:49 am by Christiane

How to be happy at work? The answer: Be happy in your life.

According to a new study published by the British Psychological Society people, who feel generally happy in their lifes are more likely to like their jobs. On the flip side, those who are unhappy in life are unlikely to be experiencing  job satisfaction. Also, looking for a new job is probably not the solution as those dissatisfied with their lifes will probably find something wrong with the new job, too.

So, what can you do? Psychologists still discuss and research the genetic component of happiness. However, it’s never genes alone.

People, who are unhappy in life and in their jobs have most likely learned certain thinking styles, behaviors, and expectations that hinder them to achieve happiness. Possible causes could be for example black and white thinking and perfectionism (if it’s not perfect, it’s awful), unrealistic expectations, focusing on negative aspects and neglecting positive events and so forth.

The good news: As these thinking styles, behaviors and expectations are learned, they can be unlearned.

Written by Life and Career Coach Christiane Turnheim. Christiane teaches psychology at a community college in the Boston area. To contact her, visit her website

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  1. Zedane says:

    True, a smile can change soemone’s life. When strangers care to flash you a quick smile as you guys cross paths, it really does brighten your day a little.

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