Get ready for Daylight Saving Time

Written on Monday, March 3rd, 2008 at 5:52 pm by Christiane

The snow outside of my window betrays the fact that it’s already this time of the year: clocks spring forward for daylight saving time this Sunday, 3/9.
It sure doesn’t feel like spring, yet; However, regardless of weather and temps outside, I know, I will never be ready for DST. The shift upsets my circadian rhythm, and I will miss the one hour of lost sleep for weeks to come. The shift back in fall is always much easier. I truly enjoy getting one more hour of leisure time on a Sunday.

Many people have a difficult time with the spring DST shift and a few years ago, a Canadian study provided evidence for an increase in the number of traffic accidents that result in fatalities for the Monday following the spring DST shift. The measured increase has been particularly strong in the second half of the day, and the researchers attributed it to effects of the sleep deficit and the resulting fatigue. (

This year, I’m determined to be better prepared. I’m planning to move tonight my bed time and get-up time back 10 minutes. If I continue this for the next days, I will be on DST by Sunday. Would be nice if the weather would go along, too.

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