Free pizza for higher job satisfaction

Written on Thursday, June 18th, 2009 at 2:39 pm by Christiane

Recently, I read in the newspaper that some companies provide free pizza or ice cream to their employees to keep them happy in face of the still dismal economic situation.

In these days many companies are reducing the size of their workforce and also are cutting benefits. The remaining employees are left to deal with two pressures: the anxiety that the next round of layoffs will include them and with an increased workload because they inherit some of the tasks of those who got the pink slip.

Therefore, morale is down in many companies and management is looking for new ways to lift the spirits again. Free pizza or cook-outs are supposed to show appreciation and foster loyalty to the company during bad times.

I’m wondering whether this is really working. Personally, if I felt that my job is not secure and I might get laid off, no free pizza would keep me from looking for alternatives. On the other hand, if I’m satisfied with my job and the company in general – and one criterion for me would be fairness in regards to the whole lay-off process- I wouldn’t need free pizza to boost my work morale.

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